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The Issues At Hand

Making a Difference

Pride Parade

LGBTQ+ Rights

School Bus & Children

Equitable Education

I will stand up for LGBTQ+ rights and demand effective legislation to ensure their safety. As many as 45% of LGBTQ+ young people have seriously considered suicide, yet the Sartell school district has removed all indications of a safe space for these students in response to legal threats from anti-equity activists. At least 57 transgender or non-conforming Americans were murdered in 2021. The opposition would rather deny their existence than protect them. We have a moral responsibility to defend these precious lives and we must take action as a community to defend it's LGBTQ+ members. Let’s stand up together to end transphobia, homophobia, and bigotry.

Children are our most valuable asset and their education is essential to our future as a nation. It was my honor to march with a group of courageous and inspirational students from Sartell High School on May 14, 2022. These students spoke emphatically about the inequitable ways they have been treated by their education system and referenced an "outside group" that has devastated their high school experience; threatening the district with legal action in order to gain control over the schools' operations. They begged the community to trust students and support their teachers. Lets stand up together to assure every child a fair and equitable educational experience.

Image by Clay Banks

Black Lives Matter

Woman & Doctor

Reproductive Freedom

One of my first projects as a community organizer was crowdfunding a Black Lives Matter billboard in St. cloud as an act of solidarity after the murder of George Floyd. When Daunte Wright was murdered a year later, we took action to gather food and supplies to support our neighbors in the Brooklyn Center community. It is essential that we address systemic racism. Now more than ever it is essential that our elected officials publicly declare that Black Lives Matter. Let's stand up together to acknowledge and repair the systemic baisis in our government, laws, and culture.

The constitutional right to abortion is under attack, as evident by the recent SCOTUS draft opinion that was released by Politico. Abortion is essential healthcare and all persons who may become pregnant deserve full bodily autonomy. I will defend reproductive freedom and vote for this essential right to be protected under Minnesota state law. Jeff Howe, is endorsed by the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life State PAC and proudly boasts a 100% “pro-life” voting record. I would vote for legislation that does not endanger the lives of pregnant persons by creating unnecessary barriers to medical care. Let's stand up together and defend the right to choice.

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